Road trip

Car nuts take a back seat to Mike Brewer and Edd China as they pile up the miles to buy and restore the best vehicles in a new season of "Wheeler Dealers." For this trip, the pair moves home base from London to California, which means they'll spend the first three episodes getting used to driving on the right side of the road. 8 p.m. Velocity

Jacket required

"Suits" may be a lightweight fit for some, but it's managed to stay in style for five years thanks in no small part to the not always buddy-buddy relationships between the characters. Expect the tension to go up a notch in this season finale. 8 p.m. USA

Back to the drawing board

NBC's dream of another "Seinfeld" and "Friends" isn't likely to come true with the premiere of "The Carmichael Show," a vehicle for comedian Jerrod Carmichael with the talented team of David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine playing second bananas. Why does the return of "Joey" suddenly sound like a spectacular idea? 8 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin