Anchor away

The always upbeat Giuliana Rancic might tempt a tear as she gives a beauty-queen wave goodbye to "E! News," with many of her duties being taken over by Maria Menounos. Rancic will continue to handle runway duties for major awards shows. 6 p.m. E!

Remembering Chris Farley

As touchingly documented in the new film "I Am Chris Farley," the comedian came across, both on stage and off, as the lovable neighbor, even if he did throw too many late-night parties and then throw up on your lawn. The movie skims over Farley's dark periods (brother Kevin Farley is one of the producers), but fans eager to throw their arms around the big fella will most likely forgive director Derik Murray. 8 p.m. Spike

Sharp shooter

– Rogue Nation," made his directorial debut with 2000's "The Way of the Gun." How did a rookie attract an A-list cast that includes James Caan and Ryan Phillippe? Helps when you pick up an Oscar a few years earlier for your "Usual Suspects" screenplay. 8 p.m. El Rey

Neal Justin