A naked man was rescued from Duluth’s sewer system Thursday evening after his yells for help from a manhole caught the attention of a passerby.

The Duluth Fire Department received a call around 5:10 p.m. from a person who was walking in front of the Wells Fargo building and heard the man yelling that he needed help to get out of the sewer, according to city spokeswoman Kate Van Daele.

Crews lifted the manhole cover and found the man “visibly in distress.” They placed a ladder down the manhole and helped him get out.

The man was treated at a hospital for hypothermia and is being held for observation, Van Daele said.

“Any time that we are getting a call for a person that’s in distress, it’s our job to make sure that that person is taken care of,” Van Daele said.

The rescue came after a Wednesday report of a man entering the sewer system just off Interstate 35 and 3rd Avenue West in downtown Duluth. Crews searched for more than two hours Wednesday but did not find the man. They did find clothes inside a manhole close to the location where the man reportedly entered.