Yes, I am from Wisconsin. But I also was smart enough to come to an amazing city and attend the University of Minnesota.  While I am a Packers fan (for the 1,000 of you on Twitter, that's why, because I'm not from MN) and I grew up a Badgers fan, the second I attended the U, I became a Gophers fan.


I'm not going to lie, all of those Wisconsin Rose Bowls would have been nice to attend, but I wouldn't give up being a Gopher fan for anything, and here are the top 10 reason why...


1.  Everyone in Minnesota knows that the first 3 letters in Badgers is "BAD"


2.  Our mascot isn't a combination of a skunk and a popcorn box. 


3.  This guy, nuff said.


4.  Goldy > Bucky, times a million.


5.  The freshman at Minnesota are by far superior to the freshman at Wisconsin. 


6.  This is self explanatory and wrong. 


7.  Even we have more students minutes before kick off than this...


This was one I took midway into the 1st quarter during the Gophers/Badger game 2 years ago at Camp Randall:

8.  Madison is so inferior to Minneapolis that ESPN used our skyline for its broadcast.


9.  This guy...again.

10.  Jerry >>>>>>>> Gary because he would NEVER make a policy to not have the Axe on the sidelines.  Tradition. Tradition. Tradition.




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