At first glance, it might look like My Morning Jacket didn’t play its usual marathon-length set Friday night at Northrop Auditorium, with only 19 songs on its set list. However, the last two songs before the encore alone lasted almost as long as opening band Hippo Campus’ entire set, and there were many other lengthy jams during the MMJ performance, too.

Click here to read the review. Here’s the set list:

Believe (Nobody Knows)  /  It Beats 4 U /  Compound Fracture  /  Wordless Chorus  /  Off the Record  /  Wonderful (The Way I Feel)  /  Like A River  /  War Begun  /  I Will Sing You Songs  /  Heartbreakin Man  /  What a Wonderful Man  /  First Light  /  Thin Line  /  Dondante  /  Phone Went West

ENCORE: Spring (Among The Living)  /  Holdin On to Black Metal  /  Anytime  /  Mahgeetah  

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