Number of places visited: Fifty-five countries, and every continent except Antarctica. We’re planning to hike in Patagonia next year, and might tack on a boat ride to Antarctica then.

Number of miles traveled: According to an app called Tripit, which keeps track of all our travels via air, train, bus, etc., we’ve gone 150,000 miles in the past two years. That doesn’t count earlier trips to Asia and Australia, so add on 20,000 miles or so.

Number of frequent-flier points: We’ve accumulated about 500,000 so far (some thanks to credit card expenditures). We used some last year to fly first class to Hawaii for a friend’s birthday party.

Favorite places: The country we most enjoy returning to is Spain. We’ve been there at least a dozen times. Italy is a close second. The other country we would definitely return to is Japan.

Worst experience: We haven’t had many bad experiences on the road. The worst, though, was getting robbed while on the bus to the police station in Quito, Ecuador, to report an earlier robbery.

Weirdest sight: We go to Las Vegas once a year, so it’s hard to pick just one. The guy in a Speedo with huge white angel wings stuck to his back is a pretty vivid memory.

Favorite accommodations: The Radisson Blu in Copenhagen: great view of the city, great breakfast, and a casino on site where I won money at poker. Also a ryokan (guesthouse) in Nagano, Japan, with a great room and a breakfast of 18 things I’ve never seen before or since.

Least favorite accommodations: The worst place we’ve slept was a tent in the Guatemalan jungle. Imagine waking up after sleeping in a sauna to find that breakfast is fried Spam and tea made from some leaves your guide just pulled off a tree. □