I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve interviewed in the last five days on Super Bowl radio row at Mall of America, but I remain dedicated to bringing you as much up-to-date news on potential Vikings quarterback targets as possible.

As such, here is what I can tell you about Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees.

*Sources close to the situation say both men ate at Shake Shack. I can only visually confirm that Brees did, but more on that in a minute.

*Cousins, the Washington quarterback who is now very much in play after the Redskins acquired Alex Smith, was making the rounds on radio row but was “booked solid” according to the company whose products he was peddling. Sounds like he was afraid of tough questions, but whatever.

Undeterred, I shouted a question at him as he walked by: Kirk, some Vikings fans are pretty obsessed with you right now. What do you think about coming and playing here.

Cousins merely smiled and kept walking without answering, which COULD BE A SIGN OF SOMETHING.

While visiting later with Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck, who goes back a long way with Cousins because of Michigan connections, I was told that Cousins addressed the Gophers this morning and spent 90 minutes with Fleck. I asked Fleck if he lobbied Cousins to come play here, and he also smiled and put his fingers together as to indicate, “maybe a little.” SO THERE’S THAT.

*Brees — a potential free agent who let’s face it is a much less likely Vikings target given how good New Orleans was this year — was dining at Shake Shack as I walked by around 12:40 p.m.

I was outside the ropes and outside the comfort of media protection, so when I stopped for about half a second to take a picture I was emphatically told by a security worker to keep moving. But Brees was definitely here, as you can kind of see in the picture above, and he shares Cousins’ affinity for Shake Shack.

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