Jurors convicted a Minneapolis man of killing a teenager and paralyzing a second person in a 2019 shooting.

Omar Hassan, 23, was convicted this week of premeditated first-degree murder for killing Abdiwasa Farah, 17, on March 1, 2019, said the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. He was also convicted of attempted premeditated first-degree murder for shooting and paralyzing another man.

Farah was shot twice in the head and seven times in the back.

Hassan will be sentenced Feb. 1 and is expected to receive mandatory life in prison, the office said.

Abdilahi Ibrahim, 23, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty last week to intentional second-degree murder in Farah's death and was sentenced Wednesday to 27 1/2 years in prison.

According to the county attorney: Surveillance video showed Farah and two others sitting in a car outside of the Red Sea Bar and Restaurant at 320 Cedar Av. S. just before midnight. Another car pulled up behind them.

Ibrahim exited the second car, walked up to the first car and fired gunshots into it.

Police identified Hassan and Ibrahim as suspects after speaking to the victim of a different shooting from earlier that night.

Police reviewed video from yet another shooting that occurred earlier that day. Those suspects and their vehicle matched the suspects and car in Farah's case.

One victim told police he believed gang members targeted him. Police heard someone identify Hassan as a relative of one shooting victim. One victim identified Ibrahim via photo.