Mayor Betsy Hodges delivers her 2014 State of the City speech at the Minneapolis American Indian Center. David Joles / Star Tribune


Mayor Betsy Hodges will deliver her second State of the City speech today at the American Swedish Institute.

The speech, which begins at noon, is likely to focus on the highlights of the mayor's first year in office. That includes Minneapolis' involvement in several high-profile federal initiatives, including the White House's My Brother's Keeper program for young men and boys of color. Minneapolis was also named a "Climate Action Champion" by the White House. 

Hodges will also likely put to local work on one of the central goals of her administration: eliminating disparities between white and minority residents. That includes her work building a panel of experts to address the health and well being of babies and very young children and building up the city's staff to include more people focused on equity issues.

In her first address a year ago, the Mayor pledged to hire more police officers and to review business regulations that create hardships for people trying to start new enterprises in the city.