400 days

Friday-Sunday: More streaming video services are branching out into the realm of theatrical film releases. The latest may be Syfy, whose film banner is distributing Minnesota-based writer/director Matt Osterman's psychological thriller "400 Days" (⋆½, unrated by the MPAA). Focusing on four trainee astronauts in a simulated private spaceflight, it stars Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns"), Caity Lotz ("Arrow"), Ben Feldman ("Mad Men") and Dane Cook ("Troublemaker"). Their mental states deteriorate as their mission loses contact with home base, and the world they return to looks worryingly different from the one they remember departing. Viewers may feel stranded, too. The film's shoestring budget, rickety script and melodramatic performances suggest a Halloween stage show at an underfunded middle school. Syfy's made-for-TV gem "Sharknado" served the brand a lot better. Osterman will introduce the film's Friday premiere at the Mall of America, setting up its weekend-long limited run. (7 p.m. Fri., 6 p.m. Sat. & 3 p.m. Sun., Theaters at the Mall of America.)COLIN COVERT