Morris Chestnut’s jaw-dropping physique, unabashedly and smartly on display in the opening moments of his new series, may be the most impressive new character of the fall season.

Unfortunately, “Rosewood” isn’t a fitness video.

Chestnut — pecs and all — stars at a Miami pathologist who helps detectives solve murders through wit and wisdom — except neither can hold up to that early workout scene. This so-called wisecracker would be better off reciting directly from a book of knock-knock jokes, and he looks brilliant only when compared with clueless cops who appear to have barely graduated from the Barney Fife Police Academy.

Beaumont Rosewood’s mismatched partner (as if there is any other kind on TV) is Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz), whose attempt to play an intimidating force comes off like a defective G.I. Barbie doll.

To assure viewers they’re not just watching another procedural, writers have burdened Rosewood with a life-threatening disease that somehow doesn’t interfere with his workout routine.

It’s clear that Fox is once again trying to revive “House” — and once again it’s fallen short.

Despite the shortcomings, it’s worth your while to check out that sculpted bod and hope it gets a slot on the schedule as chief trainer on “The Biggest Loser.” □