Two gov't fails, and today's (sorta) birthdays

Happy Presidents’ Day. A confusing federal holiday celebrated differently in different states, though with discounted mattresses everywhere. Some background on Presidents’ Day: We used to celebrate President Washington’s birthday, but then the travel industry lobbied the federal government to move holidays to Mondays for three-day leisure weekends, and now there’s no consensus what we’re even celebrating; Washington was born Feb. 22, Abraham Lincoln Feb. 12.

Washington’s Farewell Address.

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural. (He got so much out of so few words.)

Data Privacy Constitutional Amendment introduced; Room 181, State Office Building; 9:45; legislators and data privacy advocates: Sen. Branden Petersen, Sen. Dave Thompson, Sen. Scott Dibble, Sen. Dave Brown, Rep. Peggy Scott, Rep. John Lesch.

Rep. Tim Sanders’ bill to rein in the State Lottery hits Ways and Means this morning. DNR budget before Sen. David Tomassoni’s committee. House Legacy Funding Finance looks at public TV and radio requests. Senate floor session at 11; House at 3:30. Full schedule.

Gov. Mark Dayton will meet commissioners and staff throughout the day and also Rep. Diane Loeffler and her constituents during their visit to the State Capitol. Closed press. 

The Strib’s Pat Condon and Abby Simons look at last week’s spat between Sen. Tom Bakk and Dayton and ask how it will affect the session.

Jen Brooks on the great propane debate.

Janet Moore reports on a state government fail:

An ambitious effort to modernize Minnesota’s driver’s license and vehicle registration system has taken years and cost nearly $37 million, but the state has little to show for it so far.

Chris Serres reports on a county government fail:

Thousands of Minnesotans struggling with physical and mental disabilities have been deprived of basic services and therapy because county governments are failing to spend millions of dollars set aside for disability services.

Abby Simons reports on the “necessity defense” in drunk driving cases.

David Montgomery of the Pioneer Press on all things roads.

Washington and beyond

The Times on John Podesta, the Dems’ warrior.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza likes Ted Cruz’s chances.

Joseph Califano, writing in Politico, continues the LBJ rehab tour post “Selma.”