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Pastor, eight others killed at historically African-American church in South Carolina. White gunman still at large.

A federal judge ruled that the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, which confines them after they’ve served their sentences, is unconstitutional. Chris Serres has the story. Gov. Mark Dayton defended the program Wednesday, but legal scholars said his administration will probably have to adopt a series of monumental reforms to satisfy the federal judge — or face an imposed solution.

Dayton has no public events. He made some appointments yesterday.

Civil War Commemoration Task Force: Caleb Anderson – Oakdale; Patricia Bauer – Minneapolis; Dennis Devereaux – Lilydale; Thomas Heffelfinger – Edina; Brandon Peeters – Owatonna; Brian Rice – Minneapolis; Former Secretary of State Mark Ritchie – Minneapolis;

Darryl Sannes – Brooklyn Center; Jeffrey Williams – Saint Paul.

Duluth Entertainment and Convention Authority: Mary Finnegan-Ongaro – Duluth; Gregory Fox – Duluth; Debra Messer – Duluth; Former Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon – Duluth.

Governor’s Workforce Development Council: Marlene Moulton Janssen – Rush City.

Investment Advisory Council: Denise Anderson – Roseville; Elaine Voss – Maple Grove. 

Merit System Council: Ann Eilbracht – Minneapolis; Stephen Fiebiger – Burnsville; Dr. Howard Miller – Edina.

Minnesota Mineral Coordinating Committee: David Edmunds – Burnsville; Frank Ongaro – Duluth; Craig Pagel – Duluth.

Minnesota Zoological Board: Robert Burch – Lakeville; Eleanor Crosby – Long Lake; Peter Maritz – Minneapolis; Mark Utz – Rochester.

State Capitol Preservation Commission: Dana Badgerow – Minneapolis; James Dayton – Wayzata; Peter Hilger – Saint Paul; Theodore Lentz – Saint Paul.

Technology Advisory Committee: Lynn Anderson – Cottage Grove; Commissioner Ramona Dohman – Saint Paul; Tracy Hatch – Elko New Market. 

Trade Policy Advisory Council: Erik Brand – Lakeville; Thomas Haag – Eden Valley; Steve Mertens – Plymouth; Doug Peterson – Saint Paul; Sandra Renner – Saint Paul; Edward Reynoso – Ham Lake; Janiece Watts – Saint Paul; Josh Wise – Saint Paul.

Missed this yesterday: Briana Bierschbach on division in the Senate DFL caucus. Also RSB looks ahead to 2016 and finds a bunch of rematches, which should be either fascinating or boring. MPR on a consequence of the energy and jobs bill: municipal utilities and electric coops able to charge more to customers who produce their own solar or wind power.

An urban explorer got into the Vikings stadium and took some cool photos, Michael Rand reports.

Washington and beyond

Allison Sherry profiles Rep. Collin Peterson, one of the last rural Democrats in the House. His red-leaning voters love him for defending ag interests, and Dems don’t mind him defecting on one-third of votes because they need the seat, but they worry about his inevitable retirement. As the kids say, read the whole thing.

AP reports a woman will be put on the $10 bill, for the first time in a century. Lots of great possibilities. They should find another place for Hamilton, who really was the financial genius behind it all. (He knew we needed a stronger Constitution and federal government to borrow money, and it was all about borrowing money.) 

Pope with a sweeping manifesto on climate change. Pope John Paul is believed to have played a significant role in the unraveling of Soviet tyranny in the Eastern bloc. Does the Church retain that kind of influence? Especially in the developing world, which is surely thirsty for cheap electricity?

Another new CW on Greece: Let them go, reports the Times.

Times: U.N. says 60 million (!) people fleeing chaos around the world.  

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