Good morning. -17.22 Celsius today. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was published today in 1885; and, Anthony Kennedy was sworn in to the Supreme Court in 1988 after Bork (ideology) and Ginsburg (pot) were not. 

Busy day at the Legislature, with a lot of hearings, and the House is in session at 12:15. University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler will testify before the House Committee on Higher Education Policy and Finance at 2:45. Full schedule

Gov. Mark Dayton will meet with members of the Senate DFL Caucus this morning. (With their leader?) Closed press. Commissioners and staff. A call with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. (Pot legalization advice? Probably not.) Closed press. At 1:30, news conference in Mankato to announce his proposal to expand and improve Highway 14 (MnDOT District 7 Headquarters, 2151 Bassett Drive, Mankato).

Mea culpa: Yesterday I wrote that we didn’t know where Lt. Gov. Tina Smith was. As announced Friday, she was out of state visiting family until today. Reminding us all she’s not a native Minnesotan, and so can’t be trusted. (I kid.)

MNsure mess

MNsure got hammered by a legislative audit, report the Strib’s Chris Snowbeck and Jeremy Olson. Much of it was known already, but some new details will leave a mark.

Dayton released a list of projects that would be paid for by his transportation proposal, Janet Moore reports. Repubs say its smacks of political earmarking.

Privacy fight over license plate readers continues, Abby Simons reports.

Fight over teacher seniority coming, Ricardo Lopez reports.  

MinnPost on the Bakk and Dayton feud: It will continue, abate, pick up again.

The Atlantic on the Twin Cities “miracle” of opportunity and affordability. This will not help the cities’ smugness problem. Key data, people never leave:

Shaver looked at the outward migration of employed, college-educated people who earn at least twice the national average income—his proxy for the manager demographic — and found that of the 25 largest American cities, only one had a lower rate of outflow than Minneapolis (although he couldn’t compute data for three others). Among all college-educated workers, Minneapolis also had the second-lowest outflow.

Washington and beyond

Biden being Biden. Extra Bideny, in this case.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar spent the weekend in Cuba talking to locals, Allison Sherry reports. (Unrelated: Check out this documentary, “Buena Vista Social Club.”)

Times: Lots of new veterans in Congress bring fresh perspective to ISIS war vote.

Times: Rand Paul will announce in April.

The Post asks: What will Jeb say about Iraq?

Politico: Dems have no bench. (This could be a big deal on Senate races.)

Post: Major retreat in Ukraine.

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