Gov. Mark Dayton is making more progress on his initiative to delete unnecessary and burdensome laws from the statute books.

Dayton signed a measure into law Tuesday that include dozens of provisions relating to the governor's streamlining initiative, which he is calling the “unsession.”

The measure eliminated 27 higher education provisions deemed unnecessary or redundant. The measure passed unanimously in the House and the Senate.

Legislators are dealing with more streamlining initiatives this week, with some having crucial committee stops.

Dayton’s tops staffers are tracking progress of the 1,000 proposed streamlining measures, seeing where they snag up in committee and trying to negotiate changes.

The governor's staff is determined to make sure the proposals honor Dayton's goal of making government less cumbersome and aggravating for consumers.

Republicans have criticized the proposal for lacking in ambitious and failing to deal with some of the larger and more controversial areas of government, like health insurance reform and the proposed Senate office building.