Another round of severe thunderstorms is poised to strike the Plains late Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday night. The battleground for this latest round of severe weather will stretch across northern Texas, the Oklahoma Panhandle and into southwestern Kansas. Moisture flowing northward from the Gulf will clash with cooler, drier air coming from the Rockies over this region. The clash between air masses will provide the spark needed to ignite the storms.

Thunderstorms in this area will be capable of producing large hail, damaging winds and even a tornado or two. While this may not be considered a large-scale severe outbreak, the timing of this event will be critical. The worst of the storms are expected late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning while many people will be sleeping. Storms that develop during the overnight hours can have a higher casualty rate because people may not be aware of the storms until it is too late.

Story by Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak.