NATO to meet after Turkey request

The North Atlantic Council, which includes ambassadors from all NATO nations, will meet Tuesday at Turkey's request to discuss the nation's crackdown on militants, the military alliance said. The meeting will be held under Article 4 of the NATO treaty, which says any member can request talks whenever its territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened, the organization said. Turkish warplanes have struck the Kurdish PKK rebel group in northern Iraq and ISIL fighters in four waves since July 24.

More than 1,000 suspects detained

Officials in Turkey say the number of suspects detained in a major anti-terror operation launched three days ago has exceeded 1,000. A statement from the prime minister's office Monday said 1,050 had been detained so far in operations in 34 provinces, part of a police sweep against people suspected of links to ISIL, the Kurdish rebels and the outlawed HKP-C left-leaning group.

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