Q: I was a huge fan of the TV series "Monk" with Tony Shalhoub. I think I have seen every episode about 50 times. About a month ago a friend said they were going to make a made-for-TV movie with Shalhoub reprising his role. I am wondering if the rumor is true.

A: There was talk about 10 years ago about a TV-movie reunion of the 2002-2009 series, but it did not happen, reportedly because of budgetary concerns. In May 2020, Shalhoub did play Adrian Monk again in a short pandemic-themed piece for Peacock's "At-Home Variety Show." It also featured "Monk" co-stars Ted Levine, Traylor Howard and Jason Gray-Stanford, as well as a closing note where Shalhoub says he and his wife, Brooke Adams, had both had COVID-19. You can still find the piece, titled "Mr. Monk Shelters in Place," on Peacock with the "At-Home Variety Show" listing.

No relation

Q: The Hallmark Channel has two lead actors, Ryan Paevey and Luke Macfarlane, who look very much alike. Can you tell me if they are related?

A: They are not.

Closure over 'Closer'

Q: I really like "The Closer" and "Major Crimes" and have enjoyed watching the reruns on Lifetime. I know the main characters left or died, but do you think there is any way they might find another "Chief"? I really like all of the other actors on the show.

A: As fans of the shows know, "The Closer" on TNT starred Kyra Sedgwick as the leader of a Los Angeles Police Department homicide unit. When Sedgwick left, the show was renamed "Major Crimes" and Mary McDonnell took the lead. That show had a nice run as well on TNT. Even when McDonnell's character was killed off, it felt as if the series could have kept going. But I checked with someone close to the show about that possibility and was told simply that TNT "wanted us gone."

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