There seems to be some unnecessary hand-wringing going on over the Vikings' final touchdown in yesterday's 34-3 victory. The chief architect of the criticism was the Cowboys' Keith Brooking, who said he thought Minnesota's last TD, which came on a 4th down play in the closing minutes, was "classless."

And we'd use another word for his critique: ridiculous.

Sorry, but at the pro level, that's an argument you are going to lose on both sides of the ball. As long as the other team is still trying to score -- which Dallas clearly was -- then there is no reason to apologize for doing the same thing. The Cowboys and their fans should be ashamed of themselves if they're feeling that sorry for their state of affairs in a playoff game that they need to complain about how badly they are being beaten. And the Vikings and their fans should simply say, "If you don't like it, then there's a surefire way to show it: don't let us score."

End of story.

And now: to New Orleans, where the Vikings are going to need every point they can muster. Early prediction: Vikings 38, New Orleans 27. That's right. Mission Miami. Your thoughts on everything past, present and future, as usual, will be welcome in the comments.