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With 96 points, the Bruins set a record for most points by an NHL team that failed to make the playoffs. Three teams failed to make it with 95 (2007 Avalanche, 2011 Stars and 2015 Kings).



Hoo boy, the Twins have really generated a lot of buzz for this home opener, haven’t they? No. 3 fifth starter Trevor May gets the call against the AL champion and unbeaten Royals (3:10 p.m., FSN).



“It still to this day confuses me as to why AP would be mad at the Vikings. We didn’t suspend him, the NFL did. … Am I missing something?”

moland85 on Adrian Peterson at

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“Matt O’Connor doesn’t need anyone’s pity. Too good for that. But he has my sympathy. Hell of a year from a kid with a bright future.”

Patrick Burke, NHL director of player safety, on the Boston University goalie whose gaffe led to a loss in the NCAA final.