Compiled by Ken Chia


The Royals are considering signing Luke Heimlich, the Oregon State ace who is a convicted child molester, according to the Kansas City Star. They don't figure to be the only team to be looking at him, but are any of those teams ready to face the uproar that undoubtedly would come with such a move?


The final round of World Cup group play begins, meaning simultaneous matches. Every day for four days there are two matches each at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Ch. 9 and FS1, beginning today with Groups A and B.


"I like Morneau's analysis. He seems like a pretty intelligent guy with a nice level of dry humor!"

"Gertron" on Justin Morneau's role on Twins telecasts at


"Blinding finish from Harry Kane. The first player to score a hat-trick and a brace in consecutive World Cup games since 1986."

— English soccer analyst Gary Lineker, perhaps being modest; he was that player in 1986.