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The last time the Timberwolves had a winning NBA season before this one was in 2004-05: Charlotte was in its first season as the expansion Bobcats, the Pacers and Pistons brawled in the Malice at the Palace and the Seattle SuperSonics were the top team in the Wolves' division.


The Grizzlies had some woeful seasons in Vancouver, but the Memphis version had made the playoffs seven years in a row before this year's disaster. And lo and behold, who do the Wolves play twice at home in the final games of the season? Visit No. 1 is Monday (7p.m., FSN).


"Berger was a rock on an O-line that didn't have much continuity. He played a far bigger role than just a fill-in guy. I'm happy for him that he can go out on his own terms."

"Bmack9" on Joe Berger's retirement at


"Man,if Loyala wins this turnament Sister Jean will be the most famous SISTER since SISTER Sledge...Watevr happnd to Sister Sledge? I use to love them"

— Gophers great Mychal Thompson.