Lawyers clash over death video: An attorney for the family of a man who died while being held down by Minneapolis police is battling the city over an officer's tiny personal pen camera that shot video of the man's death and the home computer onto which the officer downloaded it. (Randy Furst) See Randy's previous story on the investigation, which includes excerpts of the video and raised questions about the police use of prone restraint.

Bernadeia Johnson's pivotal year: Minneapolis schools chief has been patient in efforts to improve teaching and learning, believing that changes take hold better if there's buy-in from the troops. (Steve Brandt)

Harvest Prep asked to reveal details of finances: The organization legally responsible for overseeing Harvest Prep Academy is raising concerns about deficiencies in the highly rated Minneapolis charter school's financial management that create "a lack of certainty that public funds are being appropriately used." (Steve Brandt)

Hennepin County sues Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae: Followin the lead of other governments, county says the huge mortgage buyers owe millions for not paying deed transfer taxes. (Maya Rao)

Bicycles, pedestrians once again crossing Sabo Bridge (Paul Walsh)

Also last weekend, reporter Eric Roper talked about his investigation into the Minneapolis police's use of license plate scanners with NPR's Bob Garfield. Listen here: