The murder and manslaughter charges against Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor gave a moment-by-moment account of events at the scene when Justine Damond Ruszczyk was shot on the night of July 15:

11:27:01 Justine Damond called 911 and reported the screaming of a woman in the alley behind her house either having sex or being raped.

11:27:42 Dispatch contacts the squad car of Noor and partner Matthew Harrity about a “female screaming behind building.”

11:27:47 Squad car dispatched to Damond’s home, 5024 Washburn Av. S., for “UNK TRBL,” short for unknown trouble.

11:35:22 Damond called 911 again, concerned that police have yet to arrive and possibly giving the wrong address.

11:36:04 Squad car told of Damond’s second call.

11:37:29 Damond called her fiancé, Don Damond, ending the conversation 1 minute and 41 seconds later by telling him that police have arrived.

11:37:40 Squad car entered alley from 50th Street and headed south with headlights off, driver’s side spotlight on.

11:39:34 Noor entered “Code 4” into squad car computer, telling dispatch and other officers that there was no threat and no need for assistance. Squad car encountered bicyclist at the end of the alley just as they were about to back up officers on a different call.

Between 11:40:15 and 11:40:29 Shot was fired.

11:40:29 Harrity and Noor were standing over Damond.

11:40:32 Harrity radioed, “Shots fired, one down,” and called for immediately assistance from emergency medical personnel.

11:41:39 Harrity radioed that he was beginning CPR.

11:42:46 Noor took over CPR.

11:44:47 Additional police officers arrived.

11:47:09 Fire Department personnel arrived.

11:49:16 Paramedics arrived, and Damond was soon declared dead.