The excitement was building. Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace raised the most money — $1,200 — in a school fundraiser at Bethany Academy in Bloomington. They earned three chances at a half-court basketball shot. If it swished in, the Rameys would win half off the cost of tuition in the next school year.

On their final try, Ramey scooped the basketball and crouched down for the granny-style shot. The ball arced upward and came down — short of the basket. As Ramey was turning away, the ball then took a single bounce and snapped through the net. The crowd at Bethany Academy went nuts. Ramey and her daughter screamed with joy.

The entire event was the culmination of a project in which Bethany Academy families packed more than 40,000 meals for the organization Kids Against Hunger. The event meant a lot to Ramey. She told the crowd that when she was growing up, her family faced hunger. She hopes the meals make a difference for many people struggling to put food on the table.

Bethany Academy Head of School Bruce Maeda said it was so fun to see the Rameys win. Maeda said the family does a lot for the school and it was nice to reward them.

The video of the shot has received plenty of attention.

“People just feel joy when they see this,” Maeda said.