WASHINGTON -- Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon took strong issue with claims by President Donald Trump that massive voter fraud across the country led to him losing the popular vote in November’s election. 

Trump on Wednesday tweeted that he sought a "major investigation" into his own unsupported allegations, which Press Secretary Sean Spicer later said the new administration intends to pursue. Trump won the election with 304 electoral votes but lost the popular vote in the United States by almost 3 million. Trump has repeatedly uttered the falsehood that the 3 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton were not legitimate voters and prompting even congressional Republicans to discredit the allegations.

Simon, a DFLer who leads the office that administers Minnesota's elections, caled Trump's remarks "false and irresponsible." 

"The president's comments have rightfully drawn strong bipartisan condemnation, are an attack on American democracy and could have the dangerous effect of undermining confidence in the electoral system," Simon said. "Minnesota has rigorous safety measures in place before, on, and after Election Day to ensure our elections are fair and secure."