draft specifics

Money men: The Twins have the largest bonus pool of any team ($14,156,800). Each choice in the top 10 rounds has an assigned value. Teams are not allowed to exceed their bonus pools or trade picks. The value of the top overall pick is $7,770,700.

Twins picks: The Twins have three of the top 37 picks — No. 1 overall ($7,770,700); a "competitive balance" pick between the first and second rounds at No. 35 ($1,983,600); and the first pick of the second round at No. 37 ($1,846,100).

Eligibility rules: Players have to be a resident of, or attend high school or college in, the U.S., Canada or a U.S. territory. Players from other countries are not eligible. High school players are eligible after graduation if they have not attended college. Players at four-year colleges are eligible after three years or after their 21st birthday (whichever comes first). Junior-college players are eligible at any time.