– Major League Baseball allowed hometown hero Pete Rose to be present for the 86th All-Star Game, after he was named one of the four best Reds players of all time.

And, of course, he was announced last behind Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin and Joe Morgan. Poor Morgan. He’s using a cane these days to help with walking, and he was only halfway to his spot in front of the mound when fans began screaming for Rose.

Rose took it all in from the top step of the dugout before walking out to a thunderous ovation.

His next appearance on a major league field is not known.

He was banned from baseball in 1989 for gambling on games, which he wouldn’t admit for years. A recent report was even more troubling, suggesting he bet on Reds games while with the club. Rose still wants a chance to state his case with new Commissioner Rob Manfred. Manfred said Tuesday that the case is being reviewed and Rose can have that meeting when the time is right.

“I remain committed to the idea that Mr. Rose deserves the opportunity to tell me, in whatever format he feels most comfortable in, whatever he wants me to know about the issues,” Manfred said.

Manfred said he will need time to review Rose’s voluminous case before meeting with him. Nothing has been scheduled for the near future.

MLB and DraftKings

In contrast to MLB’s stance on Rose’s gambling is its relatively new partnership with DraftKings, a website in which visitors can wager money on fantasy sports.

“We’ve made it absolutely clear to our players and our front office personnel that we don’t believe that DraftKings, or any other daily fantasy [site], is an appropriate activity for them,” Manfred said. “We see a very clear distinction between people who can affect the outcome of the game and fans who want to engage in daily fantasy.”

MLB is pursuing this venture while some question the arrangement.

“We are watching very closely,” said Tony Clark, president of the players union. “As you might expect, considering where we’ve been and where we’re at, we’re walking a very delicate line.”

Look up to Price

There are 20 players 25 years old and younger at this year’s All-Star Game. That means there are a lot of young players looking to learn from the veterans.

Oakland righthander Sonny Gray is one of them. Gray, 25, was looking for a certain ace lefthander during All-Star week to tap into his mind.

“That’s easy for me,” said Gray, who will start against the Twins on Friday at Overstock.com Coliseum in the first game following the All-Star break. “I cling to David Price.”

Gray might get some pointers on how to beat the Twins after Price shut them down in a 4-2 victory Thursday at Target Field.