UPDATE: Shatearra Nash, Maggie Nash and Shandrel Nash were located in Hudson, Wis., this morning, according to the Minnesota BCA. A crime alert concerning the case has been canceled.



Brooklyn Center Police are seeking the public’s help in locating a missing teen and her baby daughter — whose life could be in danger if the baby runs out of needed medication.

Shatearra Nash, 17, took her 9-month-old daughter, Maggie Nash, from a foster home, police said Tuesday.

“Without this medication, the baby can have a seizure and die,” said Cmdr. Brian Peters of the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

The two are believed to be in the company of a relative Shandrel Nash, 38. He has previously been charged in Minneapolis in connection with felony assault on Shatearra, who is his daughter, and an arrest warrant has been issued, police said.

The trio are believed to be preparing to travel or on their way to Georgia and/or Florida. They have no vehicles and it’s believed that they may be hitchhiking. They’re known to frequent discount motels and use business phones at gas stations and other public locations.

Shatearra and the baby both are wards of the state, Peters said.

“This is medication that needs to be frozen at all times, and if they’re potentially hitchhiking, we can’t figure out a way for them to keep this froze,” he said.

The Nashes may seek medical care and treatment for Maggie, Peters said.

Shandrel Nash poses a safety risk to both his teen daughter and the baby, the commander said.

Anyone who believes they’ve seen the Nashes or has any information on where they may be is urged to call the Brooklyn Center duty sergeant at 763-525-6215 or 911.