White, no seeds: Jim White, Orono

Herb: Elaine Janas, Minneapolis

Whole wheat or graham: Suzanne McGann, St. Paul

Raisin or dried cranberry: Kim Mueller, Shakopee

Dinner rolls, whole grain: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Bread, whole grains: Nancy Fiereck, Becker

Rye: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Artisan, sourdough, baguette or challah: Jeni Heineman, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, plain dough: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Red Star Yeast: Jim White, Orono

Red Star Yeast: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley



Coffee cake (no rings): Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Sweet rolls, plain: Kathy Srader, Apple Valley

Sweet rolls, containing fruit or nuts: Elaine Janas, Minneapolis

Coffee ring: Elaine Janas, Minneapolis

Coffee cake, pull-apart: Chad O’Leary, St. Paul

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, sweet dough: Elaine Janas, Minneapolis

Red Star Yeast: Elaine Janas, Minneapolis



Banana bread, may use nuts, no other fruit or chips: Nikki Martin, St. Paul

Other fruit bread, may use nuts: Candy Freeman, Melrose

Nontraditional bread: Roberta Niemela, Golden Valley

Nut bread, no fruit or chips: Patricia Camillo, Bloomington

Coffee cake: Michelle McKay, Fridley

Vegetable bread: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Muffins, containing fruit: Kendra Nielsen, Oakdale

Muffins, poppy seed: Kathryn Mechtel, Brooklyn Park

Muffins, oatmeal: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Muffins, containing vegetable: Deborah Ellingboe, Eagan

Bundt-type coffee cake: Joe Smithwick, Cottage Grove

Scones: Jenny Meslow, Stillwater

Sweepstakes, quick breads: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle



Angel food: Ken Lambert, Maple Grove

Chiffon: Ruth Glende, St. Paul

Chocolate chiffon: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis

Sponge: Bonnie Burton, Minnetonka

Sweepstakes, egg cakes: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis



Decorated cupcakes: Lindsey Konerza, Woodbury



Three or more layers: Mindy Flack, Woodbury

White: Dahna Jacobson, Minneapolis

Chocolate: Theresa Rotter, White Bear Lake

German chocolate: Kimberly Narveson, Minnetonka

Pound or loaf: Candy Freeman, Melrose

Light Bundt: Mike Roscoe, White Bear Lake

Dark Bundt: Mindy Flack, Woodbury

Vegetable or fruit type, single layer round or square: Sharon Su, Rochester

Sweepstakes, cakes, fat or cooking oil: Candy Freeman, Melrose

Grand cake sweepstakes (best cake of the fair): Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis

Les Dames d’Escoffier International: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis



Chocolate chips, no fruits or nuts: Barbara Larson, Becker

Chocolate chips, with nuts, no fruit: Katherine Sparks, Shoreview

Chocolate chips, with oatmeal: Kathy Srader, Apple Valley

Thumbprint: Deanna Vilendrer, Inver Grove Heights

Cookies, light, rolled flat, no frosting: Deborah Johnson, Minnetonka

Cookies, dark, rolled flat, no frosting: Karen Ubel, St. Paul

Cookies, Ice box: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cookies, ball type, not flattened before baking: Annette Gustafson, Maple Grove

Cookies, light, drop: Amy Schrecengost, St. Paul

Cookies, dark, drop: Maggie Engelmeier, Inver Grove Heights

Cookies, peanut butter, no additions: Kris Cramer, St. Paul

Cookies, filled, no “thumbprint”: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cookies, light, ball type, flattened before baking: Barb Timm, Lakeville

Cookies, dark, ball type, flattened before baking: Patricia Roberts, Rosemount

Cookies, oatmeal, no fruits, nuts or chips or icing: Kris Cramer, St. Paul

Decorated holiday cookie: Julie Pooler, Lake Elmo

Bars, cake-type, with or without topping: Maureen Mullaley, Lake Elmo

Bars, layered (no lemon): Christine Boerner, Watertown

Brownies, plain, no frosting: Krista Kay Altendahl, St. Paul

Chocolate brownies with nuts, chips and/or frosting: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes, cookies and bars: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Linda J. Amendt Award: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Decorated cookie-on-a-stick: Favorite Minnesota State Fair Food: Nicole Aufderhar, North Branch

C & H Sugar Special Award: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Crisp Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Challenge, ages 14-19: Anna Niemela, Golden Valley

Crisp Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Challenge, ages 20-39: Melissa Mapes, Fridley

Crisp Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Challenge, ages 40-59: Lisa Komma, St. Louis Park

Crisp Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Challenge, ages 60 and over: Dorothy Fridgen, Monticello



Apple: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Mixed fruit: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Peach: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Sweepstakes, pies: Carol Marsh, Duluth

American Pie Council: Carol Marsh, Duluth

Peterson Memorial Award: Carol Marsh, Duluth (two awards); Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Braham Pie Day: Carol Marsh, Duluth


Ethnic Baking

Cookies: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Bread: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Crisp bread or crackers: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cake: Kathryn Hong, Bloomington

Not otherwise specified: Phyllis Westlund, Arden Hills

Sweepstakes, ethnic baking: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

American Swedish Institute judge’s choice: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Catherine Hanley Ethnic Baking Award, Karen Cope, Minneapolis



Quick bread, loaf or muffins: Amy Schrecengost, St. Paul

Pie: Sharon Su, Rochester

Cookies or bars: Shannon Drury, Minneapolis

Cake: Jessica Hendrix, Hopkins

Yeast bread or rolls: Donna Nagel, Hopkins

Sweepstakes, gluten-free baking: Amy Schrecengost, St. Paul



C & H Sugar — Cake Decorating Contest: Theresa Rotter, White Bear Lake

Vegan Main Dish Competition: Britta Lundberg, Minneapolis

Florence Brammer Award: Britta Lundberg, Minneapolis

Family Heirloom Recipe Competition: Pamela Stegora Axberg, New Brighton




Linda J. Amendt Award: Randi Madden, St. Paul

Ball Fresh Preserving Award for Adult Food Preservation: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights; Ann Doering, South St. Paul; Dori Berg, Andover; Pat Michurski, Minneapolis



Applesauce, no other additions: Michael Barnes, St. Paul

Fruit, unsweetened: Thomas Olson, Mora

Syrup-packed fruit: Thomas Olson, Mora

Fruit syrup, single fruit, just liquid: Dori Berg, Andover

C & H Sugar Special Award for canned fruits: Thomas Olson, Mora



Apple: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Blackberry: Amy Grittman, Rockford

Cherry: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Chokecherry: Alice Pickering, Cedar

Crabapple: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Currant: Tim Zensen, Minneapolis

Grape: Lorrayne Ingram, Rosemount

Herb, other than mint: Kenneth Rein, Bloomington

Mint: Brian Bade, Wayzata

Pepper (small pieces permitted): Alya Shafik, Forest Lake

Plum: Alice Pickering, Cedar

Red raspberry: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Strawberry: Barbara Johns, Fridley

Wild fruit: Alice Pickering, Cedar

Wine or fruit and wine: Susan Browender, St. Paul

Fresh fruit combination: Rita Knudson, Golden Valley

Not otherwise specified: Randi Madden, St. Paul



Apricot: Michelle Colton, Edina

Black raspberry: Glenn Corliss, Bloomington

Blackberry: Ann Doering, South St. Paul

Blueberry: Charles Hansen, Minneapolis

Cherry: Glenn Corliss, Bloomington

Orange marmalade: Karen Dammer, St. Paul

Citrus marmalade: Shirl Chouinard, Cambridge

Nectarine: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Peach: Kimberly Narveson, Minnetonka

Pear: Rita Knudson, Golden Valley

Plum: Gerald Schill, Mendota Heights

Red raspberry: Michelle Colton, Edina

Rhubarb: Lisa Dawn Pepper, Minneapolis

Strawberry: Kirsten Zerhusen, Minnetonka

Wild fruit: Susan Lindberg, Minneapolis

Fruit, with additional flavors and/or spice: Tonya Hogan, St. Paul

Rhubarb with other fruit: Renee Havelka, Isanti

Multifruit combinations, with no spice or flavorings: Michelle Colton, Edina

Low-sugar or no-sugar jam: Chris Lidberg, North Oaks

Fruit and wine or liquor: Kimberly Narveson, Minnetonka

Not otherwise specified: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights



Apple: Mary Carlson, Arden Hills

Not otherwise specified: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville



Picante or salsa, mild: Susan Lyall, Shorewood

Picante or salsa, hot: Phylon Pugh, Inver Grove Heights

Chutney, fruit: Michelle Jost, St. Paul

Chili sauce: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Barbecue sauce: Wayne Estenson, Maple Grove

Corn relish: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Pepper relish: Matthew Webb, Eagan

Cucumber relish: Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Zucchini relish: Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Not otherwise specified: Carmen Wade, Minneapolis



Beet: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Bean, can include dill: Doris Heilman, Fridley

Bread and butter, sweet: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Cucumber, sweet: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Dill, no garlic, vegetable or other spices: Pamela Stovern, Excelsior

Dill, with garlic but no other vegetable or spices: Dave Carlson, Orono

Dill, with other vegetables and/or spices, not hot: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Dill, hot: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Peppers, sweet: Pat Michurski, Minneapolis

Peppers, hot: Leon Doherty, Sandstone

Sauerkraut (heat processed): Carolyn Curtiss, St. Paul

Watermelon rind, sweet: Rebecca Dilley, Minneapolis

Not otherwise specified, no dill pickles: Doris Heilman, Fridley

Display of non-herbed flavored vinegars: Deborah Otten, Edina

Display of herbed vinegars: Deborah Otten, Edina



Tomatoes: No winner

Tomato mixture, Minnesota Style: Ann Doering, South St. Paul

Tomato juice: Laura Gallup, Maple Grove



Dried fruit: Nicolette Rider, Roseville

Dried vegetables: Kimberly Narveson, Minnetonka



M.A. Gedney Co., Best Dill Pickle Flavor: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

M.A. Gedney Co., Best Hot & Savory Dill Pickle: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

M.A. Gedney Co., Best Dill Pickle Recipe: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

M.A. Gedney Co., Best Flavorful Relish: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

M.A. Gedney Co., Best Vegetable: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, jellies & jams): Randi Madden, St. Paul

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, pickles): Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Mrs. Wages Blue Ribbon Award (best in show, relishes): Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Canning with Mrs. Wages (jams): Barbara Schaller, Burnsville



Golden Maple Syrup: Herb Wills, Lutsen

Amber Maple Syrup: Herb Wills, Lutsen

Dark Maple Syrup: Riley Sugarbush, Eden Prairie

Very Dark Maple Syrup: Tommy Traxler, Belle Plaine

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Award (best overall maple syrup): Herb Wills, Lutsen