This post has been updated to reflect House GOP totals raised in 2013. 

Senate Republicans, trying to flip six seats to win majority status in Minnesota's upper chamber, announced they have $426,000 on hand as they enter the election season. 

Candidates and committees must file their 2015 campaign finance documents Feb. 1, to be released by the state campaign board Tuesday. 

The Senate Victory Fund, as the GOP Senate campaign is known, raised about $479,000 during 2015, a bit less than House Republicans had raised at this time during the 2014 election cycle, when they flipped 11 seats and won the majority in the House. 

(The House Republican Campaign Committee raised more than $1 million in 2013 and had nearly $100,000 more cash-on-hand than Senate Republicans this year.) 

Senate Republicans like their chances given that six Senate districts currently held by the DFL voted with Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, indicating a Republican tilt. 

Jake Coleman, the son of former Sen. Norm Coleman and candidate in the metro suburbs, raised more than $50,000, the Star Tribune's Michael Brodkorb reported