Treasure and Mary are bright, creative girls who love to dance. Treasure, 11, is an energetic and engaging extrovert who loves to be the center of attention. She likes to sing and dance. She enjoys drawing, reading and watching movies. Treasure is generally friendly but is slow to trust others. Mary, 9, is bright, articulate and full of questions. She is observant and able to read body language very well. Mary especially enjoys drawing and would like to be a famous artist one day. Both girls love pets.

Treasure and Mary need a loving, committed family willing to devote time and effort to help them develop trust and support their healing. The best family for Mary and Treasure would be willing and able to work with multiple service providers at home, in school and in the community to support the girls. The placement agency is looking for a Minnesota family for Mary and Treasure.

To learn more about adoption, contact MN Adopt at 612-861-7115 or go to