Jacob is a friendly and outgoing teenager with a huge imagination. He describes himself as a "helpful, caring, lovable, sweet and handsome" kid. Jacob, 14, is an active kid who loves being around both peers and adults. Playing board games, riding a bike, playing video games and listening to music are some of Jacob's favorite activities. His favorite sports are football, baseball and soccer, but he really likes any sports. He would love to be part of a sports team where he could learn to play a sport and also have the opportunity to build friendships with teammates.

Jacob has a great, somewhat sarcastic sense of humor. His personality can be quirky at times, but the more you get to know him, the more you find out about his true self. Jacob is quickly growing into a young man and would love parents who could help him navigate the ins and outs of being a teenager. Jacob is really hoping for a family that will care about him and have fun with him. "As long as a family is there when I need them," he says, "I will live anywhere."

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