Devante, 10

Devante is smart, observant and somewhat reserved. He asks really good questions and is very curious. He likes to research questions he has by looking online or reading about a topic that interests him. He has an excellent memory and enjoys gathering facts. Devante is especially interested in boats and ships that go places. He can be introverted, but he lights up when talking about a topic he enjoys, such as agate collecting. Devante prefers to meet new people in smaller groups.

He likes helping out at his foster home, where he has regular chores with the livestock on their farm. He enjoys physical activity and keeps himself better regulated when he has physical outlets for his energy. He is willing to try just about anything and has expressed an interest in trying sports such as football. Devante enjoys playing board games, Legos and electronic games. His favorite subject in school is recess, of course.

Devante would do best in a home that is involved in activities and keeps a fairly structured schedule. He relies on caregivers to help with transitions and unexpected changes. He is good with siblings, and he would benefit from some older siblings. When Devante was asked what kind of family he wants, he wrote the following:

"I want a family that lives on a ranch and does not have routine in the day and allows dogs, cats, cows that you don't have to milk, goats, big horses that you can ride on, pigs, chickens and has horses that I can take care of and call mine. And lives in Minnesota and has an X-Box and PlayStation. THAT'S ALL I WANT FOR MY ADOPTION."

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