When Rose, 16, gets excited, she is excited, with full-on giggles and long explanations of just what is so awesome, which is usually some manga or fantasy book, raptors, fuzzy animals, fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate or video games.

Whatever Rose loves, she loves wholeheartedly. If it's a book, only that book exists until she's finished it, read all the sequels, seen any movies and checked the library for any comic book adaptations. And if it's a raptor (snow owls, specifically), she will have an endless list of facts for you.

Rose would like to try new things. She doesn't have a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities, field trips or special events. She does great in school, but she'll tell you straight out: She's bored. She is absolutely ready to spread her wings. Swimming is Rose's favorite activity, but she will also dabble in the mud, pet and groom large animals, enjoy the playground and pitch and catch balls and Frisbees. Rose wants to stay busy indoors, too. Games, books, singing and arts and crafts are her primary activities.

Rose's first priority for a family is that they have a cat. She'd like a mom, although she'd consider a dad-dad family, and would like at least one parent to "look like me." She has a general preference for a Christian family, but they don't need to be "too religious."

She'd be OK with siblings, and especially likes babies. Rose really missed out on being a kid, and would need a family that can give her plenty of opportunities to play and explore. She also missed out on a lot of the hugging and snuggling that younger kids get, so she'd be ecstatic to have a family of huggers.

The placement agency is looking for a family in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

If you would like more information on adopting or fostering a Minnesota waiting child, please e-mail info@mnadopt.org or call 612-861-7115.