Fifteen-year-old Jasper is a fun-loving, outgoing, energetic young lady. She has a wonderful sense of humor and gets along with almost everyone. Jasper likes to be everyone's friend and will often put others before herself. She is typically optimistic and can see the good in any situation.

Jasper loves outdoor activities like skateboarding, snowboarding and riding her bike. She also is very creative and enjoys spending time writing songs, drawing, doing crafts, participating in theater and has recently been learning to sew.

When it comes to an adoptive home, Jasper is not too specific about what she wants. But ideally, she would like a strong female figure in the home. She doesn't have a preference as to whether there are other children in the home, but would like a home with pets — especially dogs.

Following adoption, Jasper would need to maintain regular contact with her sister.

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