Danzell, 12, is an engaging boy who likes to stay active and read graphic novels. He likes animals and enjoys playing with the pet rabbit in his current foster home. Danzell can be very empathetic and has great manners. He is also very smart and has a vivid memory when it comes to navigating public transportation and remembering routes.

Danzell is eager to find a family of his own. He continues to maintain a relationship with members of his birth family, and would need a family that could support those relationships. Danzell also has a close relationship with his current foster family and he would need to maintain contact with them following adoption.

Danzell is uncertain about having siblings in his future home. A family for Danzell will need to have patience, structure and be able to hold him accountable for his actions. Ideally, Danzell would like to stay in the Twin Cities metro area, but he is also open to other areas if it seems like a good fit.


If you would like more information on adoption of Minnesota’s Waiting Children, please call 612-861-7115 or e-mail info@mnadopt.org.