Dajanae, 17

Dajanae is outgoing with a sense of humor all her own. When asked what words she would use to describe herself she said loving, artistic, silly, musical, energetic and wild! Dajanae has many interests but her favorites are those that are hands-on. Making bracelets and other arts and crafts is how Dajanae would like to spend much of her time. She is a girl who loves to sing and dance and her favorite singers right now are Beyoncé and John Legend.

Dajanae is very curious about adoption and always has a lot of questions on the topic. She has shared that she would like a two-parent family with younger siblings because she really enjoys children. Dajanae also loves puppies and would love a home with a dog of any age. Ultimately, Dajanae is really looking for a family that will love her unconditionally. She would also like to stay in contact with some appropriate birth-family members following adoption. All Minnesota families will be considered.

If you would like to know more about adopting Minnesota's Waiting Children, go to www.mnadopt.org or call 612-861-7115.