Six-year-old Cartier is a sweet and lovable boy with a happy personality. Other kids enjoy being around him, especially his foster siblings. He is generally in a good mood; he rarely cries and is often smiling. He loves hearing musical sounds and his musical toys are his favorite.

Due to Cartier's level of medical needs, the county is looking for a skilled family that is open to having 24-hour medical care in their home for this growing little boy. Cartier will be working with a teacher in-home this school year, as keeping him in a healthy environment allowed him to learn more than being in a more typical setting, where he might need to go home sick if he caught something from a peer.

A family that is knowledgeable in medical care, flexible and able to be present thorough the day — and is able to be nurturing and attentive to Cartier's needs — would be the best fit. Cartier brings joy to everyone around him. His snuggly nature and fun personality make him a truly special boy.

If you would like more information about fostering or adopting a Minnesota Waiting Child, please contact us at or 612-861-7115.