Minnesotans won’t be pulling their hair out over a new ranking of the most stressed states in the country.

We came in at No. 51 (can’t forget that ‘ol District of Columbia, right?). Yep, that means we are the least-stressed state in the union.

The report, compiled by Wallethub (not familiar with Wallethub? It’s a free credit report site with debatable scientific credibility, but whatever), ranked the states by looking at 33 metrics falling under work-related, money-related, family-related, and health-and-safety related stress. Minnesota has the lowest overall rates when it comes to typical stressors.

We’re top five in highest credit scores, lowest divorce rates, lowest percentage of adults in poor health, and most average hours of sleep each night, among other metrics.

Other states in the Upper Midwest also feature prominently in the no-stress zone, including North Dakota, Iowa and South Dakota. Passive aggression apparently does wonders for one’s stress levels.

Folks in the South are facing the highest levels of stress, with Alabama receiving the (dubious?) honor of most stressed state, and Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky rounding out the top five.

So find a hammock, take a nap, and chill out — you’re in the right place for it.


Kelsy Ketchum is a University of Minnesota student reporter on assignment for the Star Tribune.