Alexandria area: Reno Lake and Lake Miltona are producing good walleye action at shallow depths using a jig and minnow or a leech. Northerns are active on Lake Mary along weedlines using Daredevils or trolling with Lindy Rigs and shiners. Crappie and sunfish action also is very good on Reno and Miltona.

Chisago Lakes area: Walleye action is starting to pick up on North and South Center, Chisago, and South Lindstrom at about 8-10 feet using shiners or fathead minnows. Northerns are active on most area lakes using spinner baits or fathead minnows. Bass action has been a bit slow, but some anglers are catching a few on Chisago, Big Green and Little Green using plastic baits or worms

Lake Minnetonka: Anglers are the working the channel areas in about 10-12 feet using leeches or fathead minnows for walleyes. Good bass action is being found at shallow depths on the north side of bays using plastics or tubes. Northerns are being caught at about 12 feet near weedlines using Rapalas or smaller sucker minnows. Sunfish and crappie action also is very good. Sunfish are taking small leeches and crappies are taking small crappie minnows at 6-8 feet.

Lake Vermilion: The best time for good walleye action is between and 7 and 10 p.m. using a slip bobber and rainbow chub minnow at shallow depths. Anglers are enjoying good walleye action on main bays at 10-18 feet with minnows or leeches. Crappie, bass and blue gill action also has been very productive. Northerns are active on most bays at 5-10 feet along weedlines.

Leech Lake: The best walleye action has been on Pine Point, Little Stony Point and Stony Points at about 6-10 feet near weedlines or rock piles during the evenings using either a jig and a minnow or a Lindy Rig with a leech or crawler. Other good walleye spots are the narrows, Grandview Flats and Sucker Bay.

Park Rapids area: The best spots for walleye action is near weedlines, shoreline drop-offs or shallow flats on area lakes using a jig and a minnow. Northerns are hitting on crankbaits or spinner baits in the 5-10 feet range. Bluegills and crappies are being caught at shallow depths using small tube jigs or small crankbaits.