State fishing report

Annandale area: Clearwater and Cedar Lakes are yielding walleyes at 10-20 feet, using fatheads or leeches. Most anglers are using sucker minnows or spoons for northern action at 5-15 feet along weed edges. Lake Sylvia, Clearwater Lake, Lake John, Cedar Lake, Pleasant Lake and Sugar Lake are producing good panfish action at 2-5 feet using crappie minnows or small leeches.

Detroit Lakes area: The best walleye action has been at 12-20 feet along shoreline breaks or mid-lake structures on Melissa, Pelican and Big Detroit Lakes using jigs and minnows or leeches. Sunfish and northerns are active along weed lines on area lakes.

Ely area: Fluctuating water temperatures are slowing the bite somewhat, but anglers can catch walleyes on lakes such as Burntside or Shagawa in shallow areas using crawlers or leeches with a spinner bait. Northerns are hitting on sucker minnows along shallow flats at 15 feet. Lake trout at 45-55 feet using a Ciscoe bait while trolling.

Lake Mille Lacs: The best walleye action has anglers using leeches or night crawlers on live bait rigs. The smallmouth bass action has been productive at 3-12 feet using grubs, jerk baits or leeches on a slip bobber. St. Albans Bay has produced northern action along weed lines.

Rainy Lake: Warmer water temperatures are providing anglers with better walleye and northern action. For walleyes, anglers are using a jig and minnow at about 20 feet on areas of the lake such as Cranberry, Lost and Sand Bays as well as submerged humps. On the Rainy River, anglers are using spinners with minnow for walleye action in the Ranier Rapids and the dam at International Falls.

Walker-Hackensack area: Leeches and crawlers are the best baits to use for walleyes near wind point structures and at deeper depths in less windy conditions on Woman and Ten-Mile Lakes. Bass action is productive along weed lines on area lakes. Panfish and crappies are hitting on jigs and crappie minnows along weed edges. A few muskies have been caught using bucktails or spinner baits along weed lines.