Q: What is it?

A: The Connector is an online registration tool allowing Minnesotans to be prioritized and notified for COVID-19 vaccine.

Q: Who uses it?

A: All Minnesotans are encouraged to register, and more than 175,000 had done so as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

Q: What's the benefit?

A: Senior citizens will be automatically entered in a lottery for vaccine at three state-operated sites. Others will receive notice via e-mail or text when it is their turn for vaccine.

Q: What information does it need?

A: Only birth date and contact information is required, but the Connector requests information that will identify when people are prioritized for vaccine. That includes histories of any medical conditions known to exacerbate COVID-19. The information is kept private.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: The Connector does not offer appointments once it notifies people they are eligible for vaccine. Individuals must make appointments with doctors or pharmacists or at community clinics.

Q: When do I get my shot?

A: Vaccine is prioritized in Minnesota for senior citizens, health care workers, long-term care facility residents and educators. Others will be phased in as vaccine supply permits. Open community access isn't expected for a few months.

Jeremy Olson