Ya, sure, those Scott brothers on HGTV know their way around a toolbox, you betcha. But there’s a new fraternal duo coming to home improvement TV — with a Minnesota accent.

Brock and Chase Jurgensen, of Savage and Prior Lake, respectively, are bringing their construction know-how to a new DIY Network show, “Rustic Renovation,” which debuts at 9 p.m. Twin Cities time on July 11. Chase, the younger by two years, is a licensed contractor who owns Brand Co. Inc. Big brother Brock creates custom furniture from reclaimed wood through his company, Brand Reserve. We caught up with the bearded brothers, both Lakeville High School grads, to talk about their love of lakes, their family ties and the home improvement shows they grew up watching:

Q: With so many home renovation shows on the air already, what’s your niche?

Brock: The passion we have for doing the work we do. We’re genuine Minnesota cabin kids. We get as giddy about being on the water as our clients do.

Chase: Our show isn’t about flipping, doing it cheap and fast. It’s our job — instilling memories at the lake place. 

Q: Have you always worked together?

Chase: I got my GC [general contractor] license my senior year at Mankato. It was a summer thing that turned into full time. We worked together, then three years ago, Brock decided he wanted to do something more creative, and we went our separate ways. We do find ourselves collaborating quite a bit. Brock’s my No. 1 guy when I need something unique and cool. 

Q: What will we see you do on the show?

Chase: We will do waterfront properties, in Stillwater, Buffalo, Minnetonka. All of our clients have different stories. Some cabins have been in the family since the 1800s. They have a long family history but they’ve completely changed functions. One had a 3- by 6-foot kitchen. Now people want huge islands, big tables. We completely change the function so it’s even more useful for the family. ... We go through landmarks, too — diners and well-known places. You’re going to see all Minnesota has to offer in 10 episodes. 

Q: How did you land the show?

Chase: We were on “Bath Crashers.” I knew a designer who asked me, “Would you ever want to be a contractor on the show?” Brock did three [episodes] and I did two. ... An executive producer came over and said, “Who are you guys? Let’s have lunch and talk.” They miked us up in the trailer, and took it back to the production company, who said, “Let’s get a sizzle reel.” [After the pilot aired] We got the call that they wanted it to be a series. This is a fun opportunity to show the variety of what we know. 

Q: With the beards and the lumberjack shirts, how much are you guys playing up the Minnesota angle?

Brock: They told us to be ourselves, not to play it up or down. It wouldn’t work.

Chase: We’re not actors. We’re ourselves. We don’t have to turn it on or off. 

Q: You grew up in the construction business. What’s your earliest memory of building or making something?

Brock: Dad was building houses, and I remember helping him roof, carrying shingles onto the roof. I was 10 or 12. It was pretty cool to be on the roof.

Chase: Dad had free labor. He would have us landscaping, building a garage. Summer meant being with Dad, going to home shows, going to his meetings. Summer meant work, but it was fun running errands with him. 

Q: What’s your family situation now?

Chase: I’m married. I have two kids. [Daughter] Darby will be 3 in August, and my son [Parks] is 1 month old. I have three dogs.

Brock: I’m single. My dog [English bulldog Hank] just died but he is on the show a lot. 

Q: Do you watch other home improvement shows? What’s your favorite?

Chase: We grew up watching shows with our sister and our mom ... “Design on a Dime,” “This Old House” and the one where the couples switch houses, “Trading Spaces.” It’s a whole new genre now — more DIY, more education. It was more about entertainment then.

Brock: I remember watching “Extreme Makeover” and thinking, “They did that in a week?” ... There’s no smoke and mirrors on our show. We’re all here swinging hammers, laying tile and putting in floors. 

Q: What’s the last thing you argued about?

Chase: As long as we stay in our lane, we don’t have a lot of conflicts. We have respect for each other.

Brock: We’re not know-it-alls. We just really enjoy working with each other.