Road closes for reconstruction work

The mile-long Miner’s Mountain Road in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area will be closed until early fall for road reconstruction and amenity upgrades leading from Miner’s Mountain Rally Center to the Huntington Mine overlook.

The $510,000 project, funded by the state Parks and Trails Fund, will stabilize the roadway and prevent erosion that could affect nearby mountain bike trails.

When completed, the paved roadway will lead to a new picnic area and vault toilet at the overlook.

During construction, the road will be closed to all vehicle, bicycle and foot traffic for safety reasons, and some adjacent bike trails may be temporarily closed or rerouted.

For updates on the project, go to the visitor alert section of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area’s web page at, call the DNR Information Center at 888-646-6367 or e-mail

Reid Forgrave

Becker County

Long Lake added to infested waters list

Zebra mussels have been found in Long Lake in Becker County.

Invasive species specialists with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources found two adult zebra mussels after a lake user reported finding a single one on the opposite side of the lake. The discovery puts the lake on the state’s infested waters list.

Other waters closely connected to the lake also may be added to the list, DNR officials said. Long Lake is connected to, and upstream from, Muskrat Lake, where zebra mussels were confirmed in 2017.

Lake users are encouraged to call the DNR if they find what might be an invasive species that’s new to a lake, said the DNR’s Heidi Wolf. Early detection can help prevent the spread to other lakes, she said.

Zebra mussels can compete with native species for food and habitat, cut the feet of swimmers, reduce the performance of boat motors and cause expensive damage to water intake pipes, according to the DNR.

To curb the spread, anglers are required by law to clean their watercraft and trailers of aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species; drain all water by removing drain plugs and keeping them out during transport; and dispose of unwanted bait in the trash.

Because some invasive species are small and difficult to see, boaters are advised to do one or all of the following before moving to another waterway: spray their watercraft with high-pressure water, rinse with very hot water or dry for at least five days.

Mary Lynn Smith