An employee at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System has been charged with three counts of indecent exposure after he was accused of repeatedly exposing himself to two co-workers.

Joseph Feyereisn, 31, is accused of exposing himself to a co-worker in January and February 2016, once in a water room and another in an isolation room, according to the criminal complaint.

Another woman accused Feyereisn of exposing himself to her on multiple occasions, beginning in February 2017. Feyereisn was training the woman when he called her into an isolation room because he had a “learning experience” for her. When she walked into the room, Feyereisn exposed himself to her, the criminal complaint alleges.

The woman also accused Feyereisn of exposing himself to her multiple times in an elevator.

When Feyereisn spoke with police, he admitted exposing himself to the women, according to the charges.

The allegations were first brought to police by the Minneapolis VA’s human resources department in May. A VA spokesman said Feyereisn had worked for the VA as a medical instrument technician since 2011. He resigned “after receiving notice of proposed or pending adverse action based in part on ... misconduct or delinquency.”

No veterans were involved in the incidents.

Feyereisn could not be reached for comment.