Editor’s note: City bike counts show there are more cyclists on metro streets than ever. Bike traffic has increased 53 percent in Minneapolis between 2007 and 2015, and 33 percent in St. Paul. This is one in an occasional series of brief profiles of random cyclists encountered in the Twin Cities. See previous profiles at startribune.com/icycle. Below are edited excerpts:

James Peterson

16, Minneapolis

Student, Hope Academy

Seen: Morning of May 3, Park Avenue, Minneapolis

His ride: Schwinn Tourist

Do you bike every morning?

Every morning. Since last year. The bus route was really long. I’d be on the bus for like an hour and 30 minutes. I was the last or second-to-last stop sometimes. And it only takes me 30 minutes to get to the school from my house, so that was a lot faster. And I love biking. I get exercise in the morning, and I get myself to school, so best of both worlds.

What do your parents think?

My dad helped me plan the route to school, and he is a big biker himself. And, so, my dad kind of inspired me to bike to school.


I go as deep as I can, but I have to take the bus for a good chunk of it because of ice. I can handle snow and cold, but I don’t have (the setup for ice).

How often do you use your bike?

I don’t drive yet. I have my permit, but I pretty much bike everywhere. This is my bike that I take to school, but I have a giant road bike that I use on the weekends, so I go a lot faster on that because I don’t have my backpack and the basket to weigh me down. I have a good friend of mine. We bike home every night together.

About his bike

It’s pretty old … but it’s very sturdy. I love it.

What about other riding?

I love biking downtown, and then getting lost and then finding my way out of downtown. There’s lot of bikers. I’d love to find like a team bike club that would bike on the weekends or competitive racing. Who knows? It’d be fun.