Planes, helicopters and charter flights will be buzzing through Minneapolis skies at a heightened rate as the area prepares security measures for the Super Bowl.

This sort of air security is standard for large events like the Super Bowl, according to a news release from the Super Bowl joint information center. Previous Super Bowl host cities Houston and San Francisco saw similar airspace security operations.

Among the air traffic will be security flights from local, state and federal agencies, helicopters monitoring traffic and charter flights coming and going from local airports. The airspace will also be used for aerial TV coverage and practice flyovers before the big game.

From Monday to Wednesday, people in downtown Minneapolis may glimpse a low-flying helicopter surveying the city. That helicopter will gather aerial security as it zooms in a grid pattern at about 80 miles per hour. It will fly only during daylight hours.

At Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, more commercial and corporate flights will take to the skies.

“Those living in surrounding neighborhoods may experience additional flight noise during the day as well as at night,” the release said.