Minneapolis Public Schools officials plan to ask Superintendent Ed Graff to stick around and are preparing a new three-year contract for him.

Graff, who's in his third year as the leader of the state's third-largest school system, has implemented a districtwide elementary literacy curriculum and pulled the district out of a multimillion dollar deficit. He also forged relationships with local leaders and helped pass a $30 million referendum that he said would help him execute his top priorities: literacy, equity, social and emotional learning, and support services for students. Soon, he will be signing off on the district's new strategic plan, which is still in the works.

"We have come a long way in three years and we are in the middle of a lot of important work," said school board Chairman Nelson Inz, who announced the plans for Graff's contract at a recent board meeting. "We have some good momentum, and I would like to continue that momentum."

The board is expected to review the terms of the contract and vote on it in March.

Under the new contract, Graff would earn $230,000 annually. His monthly car allowance would increase from $400 to $420. The contract would allow him to cash out up to 10 vacation days annually if they are not used, the district's General Counsel Amy Moore said.

The contract, she said, also would allow the superintendent to accumulate up to 36 days of sick leave; if they are not used, they could be paid out at his daily rate of pay.

Graff could not be reached for comment Monday.

His current contract, which expires June 30, includes an annual base salary of $225,000.

In Graff's latest job reviews, he earned positive marks from the school board for creating systems and implementing his key priorities. Board members said his next job-performance evaluation will look at the results in each of those priority areas.