Ten syringe collection boxes will be installed across Minneapolis in an effort to keep used needles from dotting streets, parks and neighborhoods.

City officials said Monday that two boxes have already been installed with more planned in the coming weeks. It's the latest strategy public health workers are deploying as Minneapolis continues to grapple with the ripple effects of the opioid crisis.

Public health officials will be looking at how quickly the 8-gallon boxes fill up in a week. That will help them determine how often to collect from the boxes and whether to move them.

The containers are specialized because the hole is big enough to collect syringes, needle caps and other items for drug use but will keep other trash from being dumped inside. Industrial Hygiene Services Corp., a biohazard company, will collect from the boxes.

The city is also hoping a series of community meetings will help people understand how the boxes work. Minneapolis public health leaders said they consulted with other cities including Boston, New York City and San Francisco.